Hydroseeding and Sod


Do you need a high quality lawn installed or repaired. If so you have came to the right place as we provide high quality hydroseeding and sodding services.


– A fraction of the cost of sod with sod quality results.

– Superior germination rates, germination times and water retention then normal broadcast seeding.

– Excellent for erosion control projects as the mulch prevents washouts, specialized products can be added for stabilizing hillsides (even extreme slopes), and hydroseeding labour costs are far lower on hillsides compared to other techniques as it is applied through a hose.

– Restricted access is not a problem as this technique can be used wherever a hose will go.

– Any small seed can be applied through a hydroseeder making it also a great option for ecosystem revitalization, naturalization, butterfly habitat installation and groundcover planting.

– Our medium sized hydroseeder means that we can effectively and economically serve customers ranging from small residential size projects all the way up to rural and commercial size projects.

– We keep our new product knowledge up to date meaning our solutions will always be the right way to complete your project.

– We always ensure quality workmanship, professionalism and respect for your property.


-Sod is an excellent choice for clients that wish to see a high quality lawn installed with the instant gratification of immediate lush green grass.

-We show a great deal of attention to detail when laying sod to ensure that it is layed in an aesthetically pleasing and horticulturally sound manor.

-Removal of existing sod is a breeze with our highly productive walk behind sod cutter.

Soil Preperation

-We also offer soil preparation services as any healthy new lawn will require properly graded loose soil.

-Our soil preparation methods/ techniques may include but are not limited to rototilling, soil condition, harrowing, soil testing, grading, raking etc.